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It broke my heart yesterday that Iceland didn’t make the finals in Eurovision. I have been voting for this beautiful girl since the beginning, love everything about her song. Looking back at the performance from yesterday I would say that the only thing that was lacking was the stage performance, it is a very big stage for one person to fill up all by herself. I think the dancers that was in the Icelandic competition was really missing now, they had a great dance routine that would have been the perfect add to the stage performance.

Now when Iceland is no longer in the competition I just have to cheer for Måns and Sweden. I have been hanging out with Måns on several occasions and also the first night I meet Gunnar we where partying with Måns. It was a Wednesday night at a karaoke bar in my little hometown. Me, my two best friends, the local football team and Måns Zelmerlöws band was partying in a karaoke bar with a couple of random older people. Wednesdays in my hometown is not really a party night, and this karaoke bar is not a very fancy place. It really felt like it was just us in this bar the hole evening and we had the time of our life. The hole night was crazy fun and such a memorable evening, especially for me because I meet the man of my life that night.

In the videos my two hysterical funny friends, went up on the karaoke stage and asked to sing Måns most famous song, Caramia (the song he performed in Swedish melodiefestivalen 2007) I laugh so much I couldn’t bread, it was so funny. Then they pulled up Måns on the stage and he gave this little bar a free performance that they probably never forget. I am sorry for bad sound and imagery in the videos but the camera phones was not good in 2008 ;D

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