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Now when Þóra Lóa soon will have two more to share our home and our attention with I wanted to make her room extra special for her. As a child I loved spending time in my room to play, paint etc. I also want Þóra to have her room to go to when she had enough of baby cries and just want quiet and space.

Because her room is very small we needed to be extra smart about storage and furniture to fit everything she wants in her little room. She really loves to paint and she has been using our office as her craft room, but we are now taking the office away for a nursery so she is losing her craft room, that is why we decided to buy her a little desk with storage in it.  We also got the toy storage boxes and sorter, all from IKEA, and they fitted perfect next to the desk. Þóra was super happy with her desk and have been playing in her room almost all day <3

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Lulla Doll by RoRo

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  1. Steinunn

    28. August 2016

    Hvar fékkstu dúkkuhúsið? Það er æðislegt

    • Linnea

      28. August 2016

      Takk :) I got it from and painted it. I was just lucky to find one. But I have seen more selling old dollhouses there, just keep looking ;)

  2. Sigríður

    30. August 2016

    Vá! herbergið er svo fallegt :) hvaðan er kassinn undir bækurnar?

    • Linnea

      30. August 2016

      Thank you :) It is from IKEA ;)

  3. María Rut Dýrfjörð

    1. September 2016

    Þetta er nánast eins og ég var búin að sjá fyrir mér herbergi eldri dótturinnar í nýja herberginu hennar! :) Hvaðan er skrifborðið?