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Today we are 28weeks – meet my midwife and she measured my bump, the same size now as when I was 35 weeks with Þóra Lóa, this is getting close and I am a little nervous about the birth to be honest.  My birth story with Þóra was not drama free and after giving birth to her completely natural my placenta did not come out in one piece and I had to go into emergency operation. I lost half of my blood in 10min and was completely put down to sleep for the operation. After the operation I woke up in another house, no baby and no Gunnar, It was a nightmare because I know I just gave birth and then they where not there. The reason why I decided to give birth naturally with Þóra was so I could completely be in the moment the minutes after she arrived and enjoy every second with her, then everything I did not want to happen did. So with that in my back I am not sure if I am ready to try to give birth to them natural, also because this is a twin birth and that there can be a emergency cesarean on the second baby and I again will be put down completely. Maybe it is just more relaxing knowing that we will have a planned cesarean and I will be awake the whole time, but then again the recovery of a cesarean is not easy. I haven’t decided on this yet and next week we are meeting a birth doctor to see what she says.

I would love to hear your birth story if you would like to share it with me in the comment filed  :)




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  1. Anonymous

    22. November 2016

    I’ve neither given birth the natural way nor to twins but I’ve experienced an emergency c-section and a planned c-section. The recovery takes long and a c-section is an operation, people tend to forget that. But the prize of becoming a mother is worth it. Do you what you feel is right in your situation ?

    • Linnea

      22. November 2016

      Thank you for sharing with me <3

  2. Sara

    22. November 2016

    I had a difficult birth with my first. It ended in an emergency C-section but I got to be awake the whole time. The recovery was hard but of course all worth it! :)

    Before I had my second child 2 years later I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try and give birth naturally. After talking to a birth doctor I decided to try to have the baby the natural way. That birth was great and I’m so happy I got to experience that, to have a positive experience about giving birth – my previous experience was not positive at all.

    But I´ve heard that pre-planned C-section is not at all the same experience as the emergency one. I also recommend having a conversation with your midwife about your previous birth and get explanation why it did go the way it did and ask if there is much chance it will happen again.

    I hope everything goes well, whatever you decide to do :)

  3. Elísa

    23. November 2016

    I had an emergency c-section, because of prolapsed cord (which is very rare) and I was put to sleep because I had not had an epidural. I woke up two hours later and my experience was actually wonderful, for some reason the emergency c-section wasnt really shocking to me – I didn´t care how the baby would be delivered as long as she would come out alive and healthy. I had already bonded with the baby because she had been kicking for months and was in love as soon as I had her in my arms. I also recovered from the c-section really fast, it was a lot easier and faster for me than a friend that had a “normal” birth.
    The fact remains that it is impossible for you to know beforehand how it´s gonna go, whether you have a c-section or natural birth. I would do the thing that you feel best about doing.
    Good luck :)

  4. Erna

    23. November 2016

    I was very young when I gave my twins a natural birth in 32 weeks pregnancy. I was prepared to go to c-birth with a leg drip into my back. They gave me drip through the birth so I didn’t hurt. I lost the water 02:00 at night in my home and both was born 14:30 the day after on my fathers 40 year old birthday. I live out of the country and we had to take 3 ambulances and 1 flight to get to Reykjavik in time. I’m so think full that everything went this way and they didn’t have to put me in to sleep for c-birth. We also were in good hands of every good professionales in Landspítalinn. Wish you all the best and good luck ??

  5. Assa

    23. November 2016

    So sorry about your past experience! I think all moms-to-be wish for a beautiful birth but the fact is that giving birth is a tricky business that leaves many of us feeling sad, disappointed, like we failed and even harms us or the children sometimes. In other cases it is like a fairy-tale and that is what we all want and maybe will have! But there is no guarantee for the perfect process either way, cesarean or natural, so choose what makes you the most relaxed, content and confident. Facing this huge job with anxiety is bad in every way.

  6. Ana

    24. November 2016

    I can relate to your dilemma. I gave birth to my babies on Christmas eve last year and I also had to choose between a planned caesarian or induction (unless they came naturally before). It was tricky because they were both head down so natural birth made more sense but as they shared a placenta I was told that the second baby could lose oxygen and turn after the first one comes out and it was a big risk to consider. I finally went for the induction, man, it was a painful week with all the contractions but I was very lucky in that everything went smoothly. In your situation and given your past experience I would perhaps lean towards a C section. Yes recovery might take longer but I was equally exhausted after my week and ended up with stitches (without going into much details sitting was almost impossible the next few days!). Whatever you choose nowadays medical assistance is of a high standard and you will have beautiful twin boys at the end of it. The hardest part is going to be the first few months until they start doing their nights…

  7. Karen Emilsdóttir

    25. November 2016

    My twins were born naturally last year and so was my singleton 6 years earlier. Maybe the position of the twins will help you make a decision on whether you will decide on a cesarean or a natural birth. I wrote down the birth story from when the twins were born, you can read it here (it is in icelandic).


    Good luck :)