My time


I have started a 12 week training program that I completely Love.

I go to the gym 3 times a week and follow a exact work out plan for everyday, it is about 30min hard workout and then I power walk. After one and a half week I already feel stronger and have much more energy. Being able to go the the gym is something I haven’t done in years, for me it is a privilege to have some alone time and only focus on myself.

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Monday Flower


Every Monday morning I go and buy fresh cut flowers for the store. It is the best way to start a new week. I always dream about having a flower store with unique flowers and beautiful arrangements but for now it will just be dream .


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On my radar


Going to Sweden in June and my radar is set on shopping interior textiles. I am craving velour, smokey grays and blues, linen and bleached pastels. It will fit perfect in our very white home.

Here is some inspiration images from H&M Home.

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2CN_0005_001R_low 1BO_0016_029R_low


5HA_0084_012R_Midres_PRESS_low 5HA_0076_001R_Midres_PRESS_low