Lightbox Trend


I have had a light-box craving for sometime and been looking to buy one from Sweden but they where soo expensive to get to Iceland. After a long search I was super happy to find a distributor that had some super awesome light-boxes we could buy in for the store. After a long wait again we finally received them last week, I thought I had ordered plenty of them..well I was so wrong. They sold out in two days (!) I apparently haven’t been the only one spotting this light-box trend and now we have ordered a hole bunch of them and they are expected to arrive again in September  :D  Yayyy!!

This is the light-box will have in stock again in September. It comes in two sizes A4 & A5 including 85 letter so you can have the light-box saying anything you like.


Here are inspiration of how light-boxes can be used at home. The most famous light-box brand is called BXXLGHT and they are sold in my all time favorite store in Sweden – Artilleriet.


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pure happiness

LifeMy Thoughts

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I am so Thankful for where I am today in my life.

We all carry a backpack of history and my life haven’t always been smooth sailing, my parents divorced when I was 10y and they both remarried and divorced again. I have a step parent that never excepted me, treated me poorly and abusively. I fled my hometown to New York as soon as I got legal and there I choose to live a fast and shallow life. Because of history I never once thought I was going to end up with my own beautiful family, and in the most peaceful place on earth, Iceland.

My family means the world to me and to also be able to let our child grow up in Iceland is a blessing. I talk to so many Icelandic people that dream of leaving Iceland and move to Stockholm or any other big city and they all ask me the same question, “Why Don’t you live in Stockholm?!” like Iceland is the last place on earth to live in.

To have a child in Stockholm, New York or any other city in the world would never be as safe, healthy and natural as having your child growing up in Iceland. The water in Iceland is the purest in the world, the air is free from toxic and pollution and the crime rate the lowest. Then there are assholes everywhere in the world and you can only do your absolutely best to not let your child meet any, but if you look at the options you can control, Iceland have it.

Its not the external that matters, it is the internal and the pure happiness of your heart.



Last week we received the children’s fashion brand Tinycottons to Petit. I have been waiting for this moment for a very longtime, this brand has been on my radar and to be able to sell it in our little store has been a dream of mine <3

I am passionate about nice quality and designs that is developed with love by the artists behind them. Tinycottons is designed in Spain and they only use “pima” organic cotton and merino wool in their clothing, this mix makes the clothing warm and very soft. I wish more children’s clothing brands would focus on quality. There are many brands that have great design but the garment fail after the first washes and looses that new nice feeling. Tinycottons AW15 collection is called Hibernation, they have really played on the word and created a story’s that is very visual in their collection. Polar bears, fur prints, tundra, birch trees, pine-cones etc.

Here is a glimt of Tinycottons Autumn/Winter 2015 collection – Hibernation

look_hibernation_11_S AW15-005_S

AW15-106_S AW15-018_HR

AW15-032_S AW15-107_S

AW15-113_S AW15-058_S



DIY: Kids fashion knitted crown

Kidstips and tricks

One trend this Autumn/Winter is knitted crown headbands for kiddos.

I am not good at knitting but my mother in law is a expert and she made one for Tora. I believe everyone in Iceland knows someone that is a knitting expert so I wanted to share this DIY so you can also have one for your kid this Autumn ;)korona1

I had to take the pattern file down, but I am sure you can make it without the pattern ;)

Have fun!



Mini Me


I have come to realise that I am probably pretty American in many ways. When I lived in New York I used to work extra as a nanny for a all American family, the mother in the family was perfect in every way possible and she matched the kids outfits to hers witch I then thought was a little crazy and totally American.
Well here I am taking every opportunity I get to match my outfits with Þóra Lóa’s ♡