Simple homemade ice cream with Oreo and caramel


Oh yes, it tastes as good as it looks!!! So easy to make your own ice cream, you can of course choose the flavor you want to do. And today I tested an oreo / caramel ice cream. :)

You need:

5 cups whipped cream
1 package of Oreo cookies
1/2 jar of dulce de leche
Little milk

Coarsely chop the oreo cookies, save some for garnish. Whip the cream until it forms and stir some of the dulce de Leche. Then add the oreo crumbs and mix everything. Take the rest of the dulce de Lechen and mix with a little milk to make it a more looser, turn it into the batter gently so it forms nice stripes. Pour it over to a mold, garnish with Oreo cookies, then into the freezer for about 4 hours.

Take out the ice cream about 15 min before serving, so the ice cream is a bit softer when you’re gonna serve. :)



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