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At a showroom trying out my dress for the party, and the theme was BLUE so this one was perfect.

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Angela, Cyril (the president of L’oreal) and me 

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Thank you Cyril for this awesome party, it’s gonna be a true memory in my life. <3 I got to meet so many top models, celebs and so fun people at this party. And it was so nice to get to chat and meet Lewis and Bianca again as we been working together before and also the make up/hair/stylist team, and they are such nice people, so kind and I loved to work with them.

And I want to say Thank you to @wearitmyway @Isabellebanham @Thearchshow @Haleycamille for letting me have this beautiful dress. The designer is Eleanore couture.



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  1. Kevin

    29. May 2016

    Jennifer, I am definitely not one who fawns all over models on the Internet, or even pretty girls for that matter! I love the pics and eye candy but I leave it there! You, however, are the definition of beauty as my eyes see it and you have an elegant yet provocative style! I can’t get enough of you! Lol! All of the top model names are there for a reason but I believe you were in the company of your peers, not someone reaching to be them! You are them! Keep up the success and good networking/must attend events! You have it if you want it! P.S. Who is Chris Brown again? And why was he there? Lol!! Bye, Kev

    • Jennifer Berg

      29. May 2016

      Thank you so much for your nice comments. Really appriciate it. Chris Brown is a singer, and he was just one of the guests, and I really don’t know why, maybe because his famous hehe. xx

  2. Lidya Jackson

    3. November 2017

    Hi, who is the fashion stylist that helped you with tihs event in cannes?