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This place is wonderful. Loved it very much and I will go back to it many times, hopefully! It’s not even that far from Reykjavik, about 40min driving and then 3km walking. It’s a perfect day trip and you also get a great exercise, perfect! So nice to just chill out in the hot spring after a walk in the mountains. We had some picnic with us and the weather was on top, so cosy. And our Knútur enjoyed it too. But he was so tired when we came home, he is not used to running in the mountains haha.


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  1. Ragga

    8. August 2016

    Lovely photos! What camera do you use? x

    • Jennifer Berg

      8. August 2016

      Thank you!! For these photos I actually use my Iphone 6s+ camera, but I use an app called ‘aviary’, when I edit them. :)

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