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Here are some pics from our trip to Geysir and South Coast. We were very lucky with the weather and thank god for that, because that does the trip so much better! And the pic when me and my friend are running from the Geysir is hilarious haha. We knew that it would ‘explode’ any minute and we knew that the wind was in our direction so if the geysir would ‘explode’ we would get totally wet. But we really wanted to take a cool picture without the tourists but it didn’t go so good hahaha.. Well well, we got a funny pic and a lot of tourists in the background.

We also went to a cave that I’ve never been before. I’ve done the South coast trip many times but haven’t been to this cave and inside there was a waterfall. It was so beautiful! I don’t really know what to call it, cave is probably not the right word but it was a crack in the mountain and you needed to walk in to the crack to get to the waterfall. Really fun to explore! And our dog, Knútur, needed a lot of help through the way haha. He is the cutest. He isn’t the most flexible dog…. ;)



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    • Jennifer Berg

      24. August 2016

      Thanks!! :) It’s actually not my own camera I use here, so I have no Idea what kind of model it is… But it’s a really good one tho! xx

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