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Dress from -here- (unfortunately, I think this dress is sold out, but it will probably come in soon again.) // Hat from -here- // Watch from -here-  You can use my code ‘jennifer-berg’ until 31/7  for -15% discount of any DW watch + you will get one extra strap. 


I feel like I’m 10 years old again when I’m back here in Öland, my childhood summer place. Everything is still the same, the houses, the cafés and restaurants, and the people haha.


It’s been wonderful here, really peaceful. No stress at all, you just take the days as it comes. I’ve almost just been sunbathing and eating a lot of ice cream, and blueberries! My mum has picked so much blueberries here so I eat it for breakfast everyday haha! :)


I don’t really know when I’m gonna go back to my home town, Borås. I think it will be on Wednesday or Thursday, depends on the weather. I’m invited to a big Garden party on Saturday, gonna be so much fun! And then it’s just 4 days left untill me and my friend are flying to CROATIAAAAAA. WOOP WOOP.



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