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Me, Birgitta , Linnea and her cutest little Tora got to try Hverfisgata 12 new brunch this weekend, or should I call it “The pizza place without a name”. The menu was very good, they had a lot of different courses which are ment to be shared and I just love that. You can just order in a few dishes and then you get the chance to taste more things.

My big favourite must be the Korean spicy fried chicken with kimchi, fried rice and egg. I love korean food and this was something different to have on the brunch menu and definitely a must try. But everything was very tasty and I definitely recommend to try them out. And the restaurant is very cozy as well. The only minus was the wait for the food, but we ordered quite many dishes at the same time so I guess they weren’t prepared for 4 super hungry girls haha. But as the food was very good it was definitely worth the wait. Can’t wait to come back. :)

Check out their website and menu’s -HERE-

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    1. November 2017

    Looks so niceee!!! x

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