My name is Jennifer Berg and I’m one of the new bloggers at Trendnet and I’m so excited to start blogging here and share a part of my life with you guys.

Unfortunately I can’t write in Icelandic yet, but I hope it will come in the nearest future. I hope you all are understanding and you can always use Icelandic to me. And then I learn at the same time. :)

So, I thought I would start writing a little bit about myself. A short version haha.

I’m a Swedish girl who moved to Iceland for about 1 year ago. Living in Reykjavik with my Icelandic soccer player and my baby Knútur, who is a french bulldog.

I’m 25 years old (1991). Born and raised in Sweden, in a small town called Borås. My mother is from Chiang Mai, north of Thailand and my father was Swedish (he passed away when I was 10y old <3). I’ve always been a girl who loves to look for new things, new places to explore and new people to meet. And I’m not afraid to take chances in life. ‘Better an oops than a what if’.

In my blog you will read a lot about food, as that’s my biggest passion, I love to cook and eat haha. So I will share many of my favourite recipes and food pictures. I had a food blog before, and All my recipes will be moved to this site soon. 

I’m also working as model and there for I travel a lot, which is my other biggest favourite thing and I also need to keep my body in shape. So you will follow my life during travels, training, modelling and my life here in Iceland.

I hope you will find my food and lifestyle blog interesting and inspiring.



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  1. Anonymous

    14. May 2016

    Greetings from the States!

  2. Karolina

    17. May 2016

    Omg gorg! Vart kommer din bikini från?

    • Jennifer Berg

      19. May 2016

      Hey!! Thank u! It’s actually a old bikini, the top from Lindex and the bottom is from Nelly.com xx