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These jumpsuits are mine and are from ASOS and NA-KD// Shoes from left are from H&M and to the right Malene Birger IMG_2432 IMG_2425 IMG_2429 IMG_2428

Some of our guy friends had an awesome garden party on Saturday! We had such a fun evening and the party turned out so good! These guys know how to throw a party haha. We were there quite early, already at 18.00 and the weather turned out to be OK, very thankful for that! And then we had some dinner with live music, so cozy! The night was full of dance and of course at the end I thought that I was the best DJ ever hahaha. So typical!

I have been in Borås a few days now and tomorrow we are finally flying to Croatia, we are 8 girls and we are going to stay there for 1 week. It’s gonna be so nice!! :)

Good night all, early flight is waiting…


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