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I’m having a such a great time here in LA. Finally starting to settle in. It’s been quite busy 2 weeks, everything is of course new for me and I needed to get certain things fixed, bank stuff and all those fun things hehe. But now I think I have everything under control. Yayy.

I’m so happy with my agency here as well, they are really taking care of me. And I have started to go to a lot of castings, and that’s how it works here. Castings, castings and castings. I learn a lot from that. And soon I’m going to NYC for a few days for work with a big client. Super happy!

The weather is amazing here, I love it! This is just so me haha, the sun and the heat makes me so happy. I miss my boys super much though, all the time, but I will come back to Iceland for a visit over Christmas so it will be very nice to finally be with them soon. <3
I’m also very thankful to have many friends here, that helps a lot. And I never feel lonely haha.

x Jen

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