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So, time for my wish list part 2!!
  1. New decoration pillows, love the colours and the velvet fabric. The brand is Chhatwal & Jonsson and I love their stuff, I have other decoration pillows from them in our living room sofa. You can find these ones at -Winston Living-.
  2. I really need a new wallet… At the moment I have a quite big one with big gold details and it’s just so clumsy… I want a smaller and nicer one that will fit in a jacket pocket and in a small bag without taking all the space. This one is from -Balenciaga-.
  3. I just want this whole outfit, but mostly I want the pants!!! You can find the outfit at -AFRM-.
  4. The lace up pants, love love love. You can also find them at -AFRM-.
  5. A nice bedcover with the perfect colour. This is also something I think is boring to buy myself but the perfect gift! This one is from -MUUSE-
  6. Cozy lamp in light brown colour, this one will suit so well in our bedroom. I’ve wanted it for long but have never bought it….yet…. You can find it at -Ilva-
  7. Super cute and the perfect accessory. Need some colour bags in my life and I love this style and the details. From -Marc Jacobs-.
  8. When I was in Sweden I saw this beautiful candle stand. It’s so unique and special and it’s also quite big (hight 58cm). From -Polspotten- .
  9. A simple and light gym bag, or should I call it a sack? Would fit perfect for me while hiking around Runyun canyon . From -Nike-.
  10. Also a bag that is very handy and fits perfectly to have to the gym or while going to the hot pools in Iceland. Need that kind of bag. From -DAY Birger et Mikkelsen-.
  11. Also a unique candle holder from -Polspotten-, looks like a dripping candle. Want!!
  12. Love these boots from -Jeffrey Campbell-, with some casual clothes (like jeans and a T) and with these shoes +++ Love. You can find them -HERE-.
  13. I really want this butterfly chair and have wanted it for long. I’m sick of my Kartell Ghost chair and want to change it out for this beautiful piece. You can find it at -Snuran-.

x Jen


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