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Here are pictures from our trip in Koh Lipe, my favorite Island so far. We enjoyed a whole week here, so beautiful, such a paradise!

We stayed at Mali Resort at Sunrise beach. They have two resorts, one at Pattaya beach which is the main beach in Lipe and one on Sunrise beach which is the most beautiful and peaceful one. Everything was so great and the bungalow we stayed in was just next to the beach and it was perfect and so cosy! Could have stayed there for ever.

Everything was walking distans as it’s such a small Island. We actually went to another Island just to explore a bit and it was just next to Koh Lipe, it’s called Ko Adang, we took a kayak and we thought it wasn’t that far but half way there we really felt it in our arms haha. But so much fun. No one was there, a whole beach by yourself, so peaceful.

We also went on a snorkling tour with a private boat and we could just decide when and where we wanted to go and that was so much better then going in a group. As then you would have people around you all the time.

We had a perfect trip here, will definitely come back again and also to visit our new friends we made at Mali Resort. <3

x Jen


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  1. Helgi Ómars

    24. February 2017

    OHMYYYYYY!! I get butterflies in my stomach!!! THE – BEST – ISLAND – in the world! I can’t wait to go back! BEAUTIFUL photos my dearest! Wow!

  2. Halla

    27. February 2017

    Fallegar myndir.