Here are some pictures of my weekend <3 And yes, all those food pictures, the only thing I take snaps of haha.

This weekend I had a visit from a friend from England so I took her downtown and showed her around. We went for a lunch visit to “Hlemmur Mathöll” and tried out the vegan burrito. It was very good, had a lot of mushrooms and I love mushrooms! On Saturday evening we had a nice dinner at “Apotek restaurant”, one of my favourite restaurants In Iceland. So good food there.

Sunday was a very easy day, exactly how Sunday’s should always be. I prepared an easy but very good Sunday dinner for me and S <3. Lamb prime, oven-roasted potatoes, fried broccoli, mushrooms and red onion with a white wine sauce. Yummy.


x Jen


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  1. Kata

    13. September 2017

    Can you put in the recipe for the oven baked potatoes? Mine never look so good, I would love to know how you make yours!

    • Jennifer Berg

      13. September 2017

      That’s a great idea to post about as I get a lot of comments how good they are haha. Coming soon xx