Jennifer Berg



I missed the Swedish Midsummer this weekend, for the 3rd time in a row, it’s too bad. But still I had a blast! On Friday we celebrated our Elísabet and her man’s 30th birthday at Oddsson, it was a super nice evening and I had a wonderful time!

On Saturday it was the big graduation day in Iceland, and I had also baked two different cupcakes for my sister in law’s graduation as you can see on the pictures. I did one chocolate cupcakes with nutella frosting and one carrot cupcakes with vanilla frosting, super yummy! So went to my sister in law’s graduation party on the day and then to my bf friend’s graduation party. It ended down town for a drink.

Sunday, finally some good weather, and the first time I could sunbath on our balcony, I got very happy as I always get when the sun shows up. ;) We also went for dinner down town. Perfect Sunday!

x Jen


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