With Jozefina and Linda before dinner <3Great food at VINCI in Borås, the perfect spot for cocktails too! The best café in Borås, Viskan. And my favourite “vanilla sauce with pie” ;) yuuuummie.

Sooo tasty buns, a must try while in Gothenburg – JINX food truck

A perfect and sunny day in Gothenburg.  A wonderful shellfish dinner at my aunt place. And I made a delicious dessert inspired by my fav dessert at “Supper restaurant”. I will definitely do this one again, with a nicer touch and post the recipe for you! Lunch at VINCI <3 First time we tried Lilla bro in Borås, a very cozy place. My love Jozefina <3 

Had a wonderful stay at home as always <3 We’ve been with my family and friends that I’ve missed so much as I always do. We’ve spent most of our time just chilling and been to many cafés haha, that is what you mostly do in Sweden as we have so many cozy cafés everywhere. I’ve been eating a lot of cakes (too much), but I can’t say No to that when I’m here. ;)

Me and S is heading to Stockholm now for 2 days and then we are flying back to Iceland. I can’t wait to meet my little boy Knútur (my dog). Yes, he is the big reason why I actually want to get back really really soon haha. Going to cuddle with him so much!!


x Jen


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