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Last week I went to Sweden for work with Bubbleroom, had a great shoot and the team was so much fun! I can’t wait to work with them again. I decided to stay longer in Sweden to visit friends and family and enjoy real summer ;) haha. And Yes dear people, Icelandic weather is sh*t, and you must agree with me. End of discussion.

I stayed in my hometown for just a few days and met some of my friends, ate dinner at one of my favourite spots in Borås, called Vinci. Then I went with my mom to Öland where my family from my dad side always are during summer. It’s my favourite summer place to be in Sweden this time of year. Everything here is so ‘typical Sweden’ and it’s the best chance for sunny weather in the whole country (wondering why this place is my favourite haha). It’s so cozy here, I remember posting about Öland last summer, I usually try to come here when I’m in Sweden during summer.

So I’ve mostly just been chilling, enjoying food, sunbathing and been swimming in the ocean, so nice, it’s definitely no stress here at all.

I have a few days left here so I’ll try to enjoy this as much as I can. :)

x Jen


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