I love these weekend updates <3

On Friday, me and S went to “Hlemmur mathöll”, again or again for me at least. I love that place as you have a few food options to choose from at the same place. This time me and S tried out “Kröst”, we shared the charcuterie platter first which was ok, could definitely improve a bit, too much sausage pieces everywhere for my taste, I like more “charcuterie meat slices”. And then I took the “kinda fillet” (I wanted the beef though, but it was finished…) and S took the burger, but he actually wanted to try out the burrito place but they had closed already at 21.00… on a Friday?!… But anyway, the “kinda fillet” was very good and S thought the burger was OK as he doesn’t like cole slaw that much hehe. I like cole slaw so I will need to try out the burger next time.

On Saturday I went to the Champagne brunch at Laugar Spa, I met up with our Gudrun and Melkorka. It was a very nice little meet and we got to try their new products they just released. I love lemongrass and the smell from the lemongrass body shower oil and the mist is so good!!

I’m going to Sweden soon and I can’t wait!! Never could I imagined that I would be that excited to go back to Sweden haha. I’m heading to Stockholm and Borås, S is also coming after the football season is done but I can’t wait that long. ;)


x Jen


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