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Gærdagurinn í details.. útbjó meðal annars ofsalega auðveldan og góðan hádegisverð fyrir sjálfan mig en nú þegar 10 dagar eru  í sólina&ströndina þá er undirrituð loksins byrjuð í átaki, ekki seinna vænna! Hafði hugsað mér að taka svona 10 vikur í smá prógrammi en 10 dagar verða bara að duga, mér leið mjög kjánalega í nótt þegar ég sat og var að gúggla ”beach body in 10 days”. Jahérnahér!


Yesterday in details! Made a good and simple lunch for myself, I was gonna start to eat healthier like 10 weeks ago. Now there’s only 10 days until our trip and hello the beach.. How sad is it when one it sitting around googling ”beach body in 10 days”  ?! I would say very!



My hair

I FINALLY got a haircut back in Reykjavik and I love my new improved bangs..
.. lets say next time I want to cut my hair I will leave it to the professionals!
Last March I bleached the ends of my hair and this time around I wanted to go slightly lighter.
The result was rocking cool although I thought it was perhaps just a tad too light for me!
After all I wanted to capture that beachy natural sundamage look!
The next day I did darken it just a tiny bit and now I couldn’t be more pleased.

But what the heck is wrong with blogspot?? Can’t seem to change my font or the size of it for a while now!!



My closetMy hair

WE are in Iceland for couple of days and I’m excited about this one particularly trip.
For once.. I’m about to get a haircut for the first time in almost 2 years and I think I’m gonna go for a little change..
At least I was very pleased last time I did something different with my hair!

And also Elmar is training with the Icelandic national team at this very moment which is always a pleasure.
Not to mention that I have two 25y birthdays to attend. F*** I’m getting old!!

BTW..there’s something wrong with blogspot! I can’t change the font or it’s size and its driving me crazy!!



My closetMy hair

Just a cute-hairdo..felt like it that day!
Then I came home and saw this photo..
Braids combo going on there with my Miu Miu bag that I haven’t used in quite a while!
Didn’t realized it when I grabbed the bag and ran out, kinda fun..right?!
Navy sweater-Bik Bok.