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Baby Memories

I bought this beautiful letter board to have on the wall in the boys new room. I decided to write […]

Video: Easter Cake

I always loved to bake and latley I have been taking my cake baking to the next level. For does […]


Viðar & Elvar is now 10weeks old, they are smiling and finally sleeping longer during the night. They are so […]

Second hand Shopping vol.1

I am looking for vintage midcentry modern interior for the new house, the house was built in late 1960 and […]

Renovation: No more white walls!

I am looking at wall colors for the new house. Our apartment today is extremely Scandinavian with all walls white, […]

Cupcake Sunday

My yummy chocolate cupcake recipe..   For 12 normal size cupcakes. Cake: 4 st eggs 2 dl sugar 1 dl […]

Nýja Heimilið

Finally after almost a year of active searching for a new home we found the perfect place for us ? […]


It is wonderful to be at home all day with our little men and specially when the weather is bad. […]

Baby Bee

Burt’s Bees send me their Baby Bee collection to try on the boy’s, I have used their products before and […]