Life with twins


I haven’t had much time to update you guys on our new arrivals and new life.

Today our boys Elvar & Viðar are 3weeks old and time is just flying by. Getting twins is more wonderful than I could ever imagine, it is amazing to have two little babies to cuddle and love. It really is double the happiness!  So far it hasn’t been hard at all, I am of course super lucky to have Gunnar home full time with me. But I can tell you that I haven’t really slept anything yet and I am sure it will be some more weeks before I feel well rested again. The boys drink every 2,5 to 3rd hour and in between they burp, poop and hopefully sleep some. We have had nights when they are not ‘timed together’ and that can get really tough. One wakes up and when you finally get him down and you start to think about sleep – BAM, next one’s up! This vicious cycle then repeats itself through the night.  We had to learn the hard way that they need to be timed, waking up the sleeping baby is essential when the other is wake. Big sister Þóra Lóa is a dream, I am waiting for her to react to the big change and us always having a baby in our arms but so far she is just loving the situation and loving her little brothers.



​Hello World 


Viðar & Elvar Gunnarsson arrived 30.01.2017 – The birth only took 1,5h from first contraction until they where born 👌 Baby A (Viðar) was born 15:36, 2732g and 47cm. Baby B (Elvar) was born 15:49, 2968g and 47cm. 

Both boys are doing well and are already emptying their mom on milk 🐮

Tomorrow they are coming!! 


Never during this whole pregnancy did I think we would get this far, tomorrow is our last day.. Now I am so far gone that we have a time to get “started” – Tomorrow morning at 08.00 🙉 

I have been 4cm dilated the whole weekend and nothing is happening so tomorrow they are being kicked out – literally. I am mentally preparing myself, trying to stay strong for myself and our boys. This is happening and we are now settled for a natural birth, some way they are coming out and I am going to be the best and strongest me that I can be tomorrow. I have prepared our home, all laundry is done and everything is neat and clean. This is a way for me to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow, I also took a long shower and tried to go over how I see the birth and try to visualize how I want it to go. I know there will be between six to eight people in the birth room when it is a twin birth and I will be highly monitored during the whole delivery, so I know I am in good hands and they will do what is best for me and the boys. 

Now I it is time for me to get some rest and try to not think at all – Tomorrow will change our life’s forever 💕 

Mother of Dragon’s


Our little dragon’s are expected any day ✊ This morning we had our last sonar and then meet with the birth doctor, I have started to “open” and we are now 4cm ready… That means tomorrow or this weekend hopefully 🙌 My birth fear is now over and I am so ready to see them 💕 

New In: Moses basket


When Þóra Lóa was newborn we had a old Moses basket for her that she slept in the first months. I really loved it and it was so practical to move around our apartment, now we have a new one for the boys that is much stronger and with a rocking stand. I recommend the Moses basket 100% instead of the classic bassinet because the basket can be taken out and put on the couch or table if needed.

img_4186 img_4175 img_4153 img_4214

You can read more about the Moses Basket and stand Here.