Last minute wrapping

December is a crazy month for us and this week before XMas is super busy in our store. I haven’t finished all gifts yet and need to do one last run today the 23e. Here is this years wrapping – as always a little minimalist but also a little more glamour than normal ;)

Blue/bronze wrapping paper from Rifle Paper Co, Matt silver wrapping paper and “Christmas” ribbon from Bloomingvile.



 img_4238 img_4247

I wish you all a Merry Christmas <3



Print from your phone

Lifetips and tricks

About 4months ago my old phone stopped working, when I couldn’t turn my phone on anymore I panicked, all the pictures of Þóra is in the phone and I still haven’t printed them or saved them somewhere else. It was pictures from when she was born, when she started to walk, eat etc. My most valuable memories. Thank goodness the phone store was able to restore all my images and we got them on a usb stick, but after this experience I am very careful to always print all my phone images regular, bc there are so many memories I only have in my phone.

I was happy to find this app – Lalalab

Now I only go to the app and select what images I want to print and in what format and send them. It is super easy and they arrive after a week just in my post. I think the price is good and the quality of the pictures comes out great.

I recommend this 100% !

Now I only need to find a nice album or book to put in all our memories 👌



Our Nursery Corner


Trying to be ready for our boy’s arrival at this point they can choose to come any day.. I hope they stay in to next year. It is hard to be “ready” for twins, we have no clue what to expect more than very little sleep 😅

Today we put up the bed, babynest and washed the bedding. Most things we have is from Petit, the simple reason is that we think it is all beautiful and we know the good quality of the products. With these babies we are trying to have them mostly around pure produced products, so far all clothing, the bedding and babynest is made from organic cotton. Not only do I love the feeling and look of pure materials, one reason for organic is also that our babies are very likely to be born premature with a low immune system and to have them around organic products minimizes the risks of skin irritations and allergies. There is so much coloring, glue and chemicals in none organic products and the skin is the body’s biggest organ that absorbs very much into our system.



My Baby Shower


It is hard to explain with words how happy my friends made me by surprising me with a baby shower.

I never had one before and I have never been to one myself so I did not think I would be surprised with a baby shower. My friend Anna picked me up at home and I thought we where going for brunch, then she turned the car around and said I needed to give her my opinion on a new rug she was buying. I was not at all suspicious, we talk interior all the time and often ask for each others opinion. Then when we got t her home and I walked in my friends where there, I was so surprised and started crying. I have never had anyone to surprise me like this before.

It was all so Perfect!



Thank you to all my beautiful friends that made this day perfect !


I/We got so many nice gifts! Pregnancy massage and a full bag of products just to pamper myself before our babies arrives ;)



Newborn diaper cake for our little boys and two little winter suits from 66North.


This was an amazing day <3