Dollhouse renovation


A couple of months back I bought a old doll house on that I decided to renovate and give Þóra Lóa on her 2nd birthday, her birthday is next weekend and I still have to finish the interior in the dollhouse.  Only one week to go :)

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The Bomber


Lately Ive been asked where I got my navy bomber jacket. I am hesitating a little to tell you where but I will tell you the story anyway ;)

The other day I was in Kringlan for a morning coffee and walked by the windows at Lindex Kids and saw the bomber jacket of my dreams! Been searching for a nice bomber for a while and have looked in all the stores here in Iceland. Then when I saw this one in the kids section I couldn’t help myself to see what sizes it came in, and there was one in size 170. I took it and didn’t even try it on in the store because I thought the cashier would think I am crazy. I did of course admit to her I was going to try it on at home and see IF it would fit me, she was so nice and positive about it. Lucky me, it fitted and only cost me 5.990kr, felt like I just won on lotto ;D

wpid-2015-04-30-08.05.38-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-04-30-08.18.34-1.jpg.jpeg

bomber jacket inspo.



My time


I have started a 12 week training program that I completely Love.

I go to the gym 3 times a week and follow a exact work out plan for everyday, it is about 30min hard workout and then I power walk. After one and a half week I already feel stronger and have much more energy. Being able to go the the gym is something I haven’t done in years, for me it is a privilege to have some alone time and only focus on myself.

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