Nýja Heimilið


Finally after almost a year of active searching for a new home we found the perfect place for us 👌

We are currently in Fossvogur and love the neighborhood, we really wanted to find a bigger home within this area but the houses here are rare to find on sale and it took us a long time to get one. The 1st of May we will get the keys to our new home and there is a lot to be done before we can move in, walls, floors and ceilings needs to be painted or renewed. I am all in interior design at the moment and super excited to get my hands on the house.

I promise to share every step in our renovation with you and before/after 😘



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It is wonderful to be at home all day with our little men and specially when the weather is bad. But in between I am also in need of a break or little me time 😅 With twins you are almost all time holding a baby, we are trying hard to time them with feeding and sleep. It is sooo nice when they sleep at the sametime so I can sit down with a coffee and a magazine not doing anything and relax.

I found this jacket at Zara thought it was funny and fitting with my life at the moment ;)

Baby Bee


Burt’s Bees send me their Baby Bee collection to try on the boy’s, I have used their products before and love the honey smell  🐝

I only accept to try products that I know is good, I would not write about a brand and recommend something that I cant stand behind. The Burt’s Bees baby collection is all natural and free from parabens and more strong chemicals that I always make sure is not in the products I use for myself and specially for my children.

I would have taken before and after pictures of Elvars bottom when we tried the 2-in-1 diaper cream, but I felt it was to much to post close ups of his little bottom online. The cream is really good 👌 It is a cream but drys as a powder, perfect for diaper rash and under his double cheek.

I am also eager to test their E vitamin cream for their faces on cold days, it is also good for calming a diaper rash.

Now it is also 25% Off all Burt’s Bees baby products at Lyf og Heilsa until the end of the month 🙌



Homemade Chocolate Eggs


I got invited to a chocolate Easter egg class and got completely hooked on the idea that I should make my family Easter eggs this year. I thought it would be a fun tradition with the kids and we can stuff our eggs with candy that we like and write little love notes to each other ;)

I made 4 types of eggs: one with just milk chocolate, one caramel with light milk chocolate, one licorice milk chocolate and one just 70% dark chocolate.

I bought the molds from Allt í Köku about 1000kr/stk.

Then I melted the chocolate in hot water bath. I never let the water completely boil, just heating up close to boiling.

Dont forget to put in a love note 💕

In Þóra Lóas egg I placed healthy candy and a toy, I think all the chocolate that the egg is made out of is enough for her.

Then it is nice to create some decorations to put on the egg.

For the liquorice egg I used dracula puder.

And put in the mold before pouring in the chocolate.

This the finished Liquorice chocolate egg 👌

And the plain milk chocolate egg.

And Þóras caramel chocolate egg with eatable glitter spray ;)

The I wrapped all the eggs and we will store them cool in our pantry until Easter.

This was super fun and I will most likely make more very soon :)



Tiny moments


I am enjoying the longer days and being on maternity leave, trying to take in every moment of the time we have now together.

Vasi/Finnsdottir, Skenkur/IKEA, Silfur kertastjakar/, Svatur kertastjaki/Lungby. 

Sófi/IKEA, CocconaBaby Beds/