Nýjasta færsla

Garden room – Before/After

Walk Downtown

– Took a little shopping route downtown today – I am wearing Cintamani tinna jacket. Love, L You can also follow me in Instagram – @Lahle PS. If you like my post, please feel free to click on the little heart ;)

Autumn Flower Arrangement

Finally some new flowers on the porch, love the autumn colors and texture. I got the flowers and pots from Blomaval.   Love, L You can also follow me in Instagram – @Lahle PS. If you like my post, please feel free to click on the little heart ;)   […]

Detox week – GLO juice pack

Last week I started my new health diet to get faster in shape. Our little boys are now six month’s old and we finally have a day routine so now I feel like the time has come for me to start focusing on getting back to my normal shape. At […]


Þóra Lóa have been asking for a Pirate team party for month’s, her birthday was in May but we promised her a Pirate Party with her friends when we had finished the move and most of the renovation of the new house. Yesterday we finally had her big Pirate bash […]

Nails today

Got me some new nail polish and I found the perfect nude with some extra glimmer on top 🎶 The nude polish is named “spin the bottle” & glimmer “set in stones” both from Essie.

New In: IKEA PS lamp

Fell in love with this lamp when it first came out but then we where just about to move so I wanted to wait and see if it would fit in our new home. Then when I visited IKEA last week this beauty was on sale, I needed to get […]

First photo of Bey-Jay twins !

A month ago Beyonce and Jay-Z gave birth to their twins Sir & Rumi Carter, a boy and a girl.  Twining is Winning 🙌 Now is also Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expecting twins. (well of course they are) If they only know the real work of having twins 💤 […]

Garden pool 🌊 

We had some amazing summer days in the beginning of the week and in our garden it was almost unbearable hot. Þóra was crying to go to the “sundlaug” but I was alone with the kids and cant take her when I also have the boys so I decided I […]

iittala Summer Table

For me setting the table before that one special dinner is just as important as the food being served, a good dinner experience needs to look and taste good. I love table wear, I never seem to get tired of buying me new ones.  I visited the iittala store in […]